Staggering levels of situational awareness & reliable intelligent analytics

In a recent product review by Security & Electronic News (SEN), editor John Adams praised the Bosch Flexidome 5100i IR camera, calling it “a situational awareness monster”. This robust external fisheye camera, made of cast aluminium and polycarbonate, is compact enough for discretion, but packs powerful performance. If you’re looking for a camera that provides end to end coverage, look no further.


Optimised for all lighting conditions, with integrated IR and High Dynamic Range, the 5100i IR cameras has a number of great features:

  • • Reliable video analytics — There’s an orange outline placed around moving objects and the green line indicates the direction of travel. This means intuitive indication when you’re scanning an image.
  • • Robust situational awareness — Your panoramic camera doesn’t miss anything across a scene – whether it’s a vehicle down the road or a group of people right on the doorstep.
  • • Intelligent tracking — With intelligent tracking, movement can be followed continuously throughout the full image circle. There is no need to hand off tracking from one camera to another, greatly simplifying movement analysis.
  • • Low light performance — Excellent performance even in the poorest lighting conditions, ensuring image integrity at all times.
  • • Massive angle of view — Coverage of everything in complex scenes to a reasonable depth, and excellent performance on building corners and when pendant-mounted in spaces demanding saturation coverage in all directions.
  • • Two-way audio and built-in microphone — Two-way audio allows the operator to communicate with visitors or intruders via an external audio line input and output.