Bosch IP 3000i cameras

With high-quality relevant images, complete data security, intelligent bitrate management, and built-in essential video analytics, Bosch IP 3000i cameras extend smart video security to general surveillance applications.

Watch this video to find out more about the power of the Bosch IP 3000i cameras

Providing superior surveillance for retail, banking and commercial markets 

The Bosch IP 3000i entry-level cameras, are the most cost-effective series in the Bosch range but are packed with the valuable features of Tier 1 products suitable for enterprise deployment.

Quick and easy installation  

Ease of installation of the Bosch IP 3000i cameras is a cinch with the Bosch Remote Portal. Here’s why installers need the Portal:

  • Setting up remote access is tedious
  • Extra trips to site cost time and money
  • Customers expect mobile apps and access
  • Maintenance and service is an important part of their business
  • Concerns about the security of IT network.