Bosch Remote Portal, VSaaS, Analytics & AI

Next level with Bosch Remote Portal, VSaaS, Analytics & AI

Bosch Remote Portal makes remote connection to customers’ systems quick and easy. It is the central platform for device management, activation of services and application management. Based on the Bosch Security Cloud, you can configure, troubleshoot, and update supported devices using the browser-based interface or standard tools.

Watch this video to find out more about the Bosch Remote Portal


Here’s why installers need the Remote Portal:

  • Setting up remote access is tedious
  • Customers expect mobile apps and access
  • Maintenance and service is an important part of their business
  • Extra trips to site cost time and money
  • Concerns about the security of IT network.


The Bosch Remote Portal allows:

  • Remote device management – deploy (via the Project Assistant app), configure (using Configuration Manager), & maintain all your devices.
  • Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) – video view, alarm management, alarm transmission, alarm notification, and cloud storage.


The Bosch Remote Portal provides three free services:

  • Remote Connect
  • Remote Alert
  • Remote Firmware Management


Implemented in many different verticals around the globe, Bosch VSaaS is an open platform that lets you monitor, manage, record, and replay cloud video security footage from anywhere, for free. This allows other brands to be integrated with the service and this end-to-end offering allows remote setup, viewing, alarm management, and automation to be performed to reduce human reliance on a monitoring environment. Paidfor services include alarm management, alarm transmission, alarm notification, and cloud storage. Some of its benefits include:

  • Minimal hardware needed on-site – cameras are your only investment.
  • No hassle with data security as servers are maintained by the cloud provider.
  • Get connected in an easy and secure way (for example, no port forwarding needed).
  • Cloud recording ensures secured data as there is no risk that hard drives might fail.
  • Easy deployment of multi-site systems.
  • Remote & efficient management and maintenance.
  • Lower upfront investment.
  • Alarm management helps you to make quick decisions to prevent incidents from escalating.
  • Flexible recording options include local, cloud, or hybrid.


Bosch’s edge video analytics provide improved alarm monitoring and management and also minimise human interaction. It allows you to address a variety of use cases:

  • Essential video analytics – the first step in object detection and metadata collection; and it is suitable for generic indoor security use cases.
  • Intelligent video analytics and camera trainer – has long-range detection and ML1 for tailoring, and it is suitable for generic indoor and outdoor security use cases.
  • Deep learning AI detectors – for mission-critical security and customer-specific use cases, for example the reliable detection and classification in challenging scenarios (Traffic Detector).


Artificial intelligence (AI) is integrated with Bosch’s intelligent video analytics. It allows for:

  • Integration of Intelligent Tracking and Traffic Detector for unmistakable object detection and tracking.
  • Augmentation of data with colour, geolocation, and speed.
  • Better localisation of objects for positioning on maps.
  • Higher detector resolution for object detection at longer distances.
  • Distinguishing and classifying types of vehicles in congested scenes with precise detail.
  • Enhanced scene understanding with subclasses: cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, and bicycles.
  • Distinguishing people in crowded scenes with precise detail.
  • Wide-angle view of people counting.