EntraPass Security Management Software

EntraPass is a robust suite of high-performance software that allows customers to design & operate any number of doors where card access is required - securely, quickly & efficiently.

EntraPass is compatible with Kantech’s entire line of door controllers including devices such as KT-1/KT-2/KT-400 controllers and Kantech IP Link (KT-IP) which all utilize 128-bit AES encryption to protect communication against compromise.

KT-1 Standalone System

When used in conjunction with the powerful EntraPass security management software, KT-1 provides advanced, fully integrated access control features. A single KT-1 controller can control one door or can act as a ‘head IP controller’, linking together 31 additional controllers in EntraPass – offering a fully scalable access control solution that can grow with your needs.

KT-2 Ethernet Ready Two-Door Controller

Combine the KT-2 controller with EntraPass security management software and the EntraPass web and go mobile applications to create an innovative solution that installs quickly, can be managed remotely and provides a superior user experience. Admin users can connect via a web browser or a dedicated app on their smart phone/tablet and manage common security tasks wherever they are.

KT-400 Ethernet-Ready Four-Door Controller

Combine KT-400 with EntraPass security management software to create a highly scalable solution that can be deployed within one building or across multiple locations. KT-400 manages network polling and communicates with the EntraPass Gateway only when an event has occurred. Communication integrity is ensured through a heartbeat signal which is sent at regular intervals to the EntraPass system.