Maximise the Energy Efficiency of your Buildings

The recent 9.6% tariff increase granted to Eskom will place a strain on already tightly-stretched budgets. The Forest Rock N4 Energy Manager provides building managers with the ability to minimise the negative effects of increased energy usage bills by automatically collecting and analysing all forms of energy consumption within buildings.

With a fully customisable menu builder, N4 Energy Manager lets you easily collect, evaluate and visualise a building’s energy consumption, to help realise substantial savings in energy costs.

Energy Saving Component

N4 Energy Manager has a number of components geared around saving energy and reducing utility bills:

  • Energy Benchmarking – consumption bar charts visualise the energy profile of your building and benchmark the current day, week and month against the previous period and same period last year.
  • Energy Ranking – easily identify and compare the high and low consumers between groups of meters, floors, zones or buildings as needed in ascending or descending order.
  • Advanced Bar Charts – see a breakdown of how different consumers contribute to your daily energy consumption in advanced daily, weekly, monthly or yearly bar charts.
  • Contribution Analysis – discover how particular buildings or zones contribute to your total energy cost and consumption.
  • Menu Builder – Navigate your station with ease with the vertical navigation menu.
  • Regression Analysis – view the relationship between weather data (average temperature or degree days) and the building’s energy consumption.
  • Heat Map – see your energy data in a heat map chart to easily identify outliers.
  • Automated Reports – share data by generating instant reports for each graph or chart.
  • Meter Aggregation – group together and normalise a collection of meters for a particular zone, site or building.
  • Kiosk Mode for Public Display – display a selection of pages in a rotating sequence in your building reception, office, meeting or breakout areas.
  • Energy Temperature Curve – visualise the effect of variations in the outside temperature on the building’s energy consumption over a year.


The N4 Energy Manager is guaranteed to address anomalies in energy consumption and provides an easy way to save on energy bills.

  • N4 Energy manager uses Niagara Workbench to enable you to create a custom user interface to suit your specific project and customer branding.
  • Various packages are available to suit your needs and budget.
  • Customers expect mobile apps and access
  • View N4 Energy Manager on a range of handheld devices for complete flexibility.
  • Easily identify problems in the integrity of your data with the Data Integrity Tool.
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